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Windows Performance Station WPS 3.7

Optimize the performance of your system with just a few clicks
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Windows Performance Station WPS is a utility designed to help you enhance the performance of your system. This program requires minimum configuration, uses minimum CPU resources while running on your PC, and comes with an affordable price.

As described on the homepage of the developer, this utility is capable of improving the performance of your system. The tool automatically adapts for the existing resources and prioritizes frontmost programs and processes so that you can work more efficiently on your computer.

The one issue I had while testing this program on my Windows 10 PC was that it took a while to load any information on the Processing Details screen. However, once the utility finished analyzing the running processes, it revealed a complete and accurate list which could easily be copied to clipboard if needed.

The most noticeable aspect is that games run faster with the aforementioned tool operating in the background. Thanks to the built-in Game Mode, the running tasks are automatically distributed the most optimal way possible and you can enjoy playing your favorite games without lags or interrupting the background processes and services.

To conclude, I'd say you should give this utility a try on your Windows PC and see what's capable of. Then, you can decide if it's worth buying it for your computer and use it to improve the performance of your system and boost up your productivity.

Margie Smeer
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  • Uses minimum CPU resources while operating
  • Provides you with a list showing all of the running processes
  • Gives you access to multiple options to optimize the performance of your system


  • It might take a while to load information in the Processing Details screen
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